Dr. Cosimo Manfreda's Pharmacy has been operating in Bitonto, in the province of Bari, for many years. Always attentive to the health, the beauty and the well-being of its clients, the pharmacy offers professionalism, experience and advice to help you find the products best suited to your needs. A comprehensive selection of dermocosmetics and food products is also available. In addition to the wide range of medicines and food products, Manfreda's pharmacy also offers nutritional products for celiac specific diets.



Celiac disease is an increasingly widespread disorder in Italy, an intolerance that also occurs suddenly among people of all ages.

The pharmacy has a very widee range of gluten-free food that has a rich and natural taste: pasta, bread, crackers and even cookies and the most common sweets.

Bioalimenta and Merriam Mediterranei are included among the brands we stock, the best in the industry.

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